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Floating Fresh Water Pearl Necklace, 16"
Floating Fresh Water Pearl Necklace, 16"
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Many beliefs are associated with turquoise. It is considered a symbol of generosity, sincerity and affection. It is thought to preserve friendship and make friends of enemies. In order to bring good luck, it should be given, not bought. Dreams of Turquoise bring prosperity and it brings good luck on a Saturday.

Turquoise should be bought with a lot of caution. Verifying its authenticity is difficult. The perspiration of some people is acidic in nature and affects the stone. As such, the turquoise that the person is wearing will become green or greenish, as it also does if it becomes too warm. The color is also affected by the alcohol content in perfume, hair sprays and cosmetics and therefore care should be taken to protect the stone from these kinds of products.

The stones were first exported to Germany, where they became known as Turkisher Steins, which translates as "Turkish stones". When the stones reached France, the German name became translated into Pierre turquoise or the ‘stone of Turkey’.

The Mongolian tribesmen who migrated to other lands carried with them, the turquoise and also their reverence for the stone. The talents and ingenuity of these people are evident in the craftsmanship and beauty of the arte-facts that have been recovered in the excavations of ancient tombs, including the death masks skillfully inlaid with turquoise mosaic. No one was allowed to wear the stone. It was reserved as an offering to the gods and had to be mined and handled with a lot of respect.

Traditions and Beliefs
Turquoise was believed to protect the wearer from all harm and also from the evil eye. Weaving turquoise beads into the manes and tails of beasts of burden such as camels, mules and oxen they believed, would bring good luck and assurance that the animals will surefooted. Even if one had a bad fall and was wearing a Turquoise, he would not get hurt.

Healing Properties
Physicians of the fifteenth century carried a turquoise in their medical bags, claiming that the stone would counter the harmful effects of poison. They prepared a portion containing finely powdered turquoise, which, was supposed to be a powerful antidote to scorpion stings and was also considered effective in banishing the pains arising from possession by demons. Looking at a turquoise - or placing a stone on the eyes - was believed to soothe inflamed or strained eyes.

Turquoise indicated the health of the wearer by turning pale if he or she became sick. It lost its color completely when its wearer died, regaining its beauty when it was possessed by a new, healthy owner. It was believed that turquoise had a unique empathy with its wearers and showed its sympathy for their sufferings by turning pale. Many eighteenth-century writers contributed to these beliefs when they included in their books such words as "the stone grew pale when there is any peril prepared for him that weareth it."

According to the Persians, the intensity of the sky-blue stone foretold the kind of weather to be expected that day. A dazzling blue color seen during the morning indicated a fine day, and a happy one. They also believed that to have good fortune and repel evil, a man must see the reflection of the new moon on either a copy of the Koran, the face of a friend, or on a turquoise stone.

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Floating Fresh Water Pearl Necklace, 16"
Floating Fresh Water Pearl Necklace, 16"
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